Mastering Digital Disruption while being sufficiently relevant, innovative and motivated to compete with nimble startups is the overriding theme of this year’s TestExpo. We’ve invited a great line-up of experts from an impressive array of companies from the BBC and OpenBet to Applause and Expedia, to talk to you about their experiences.

Automating Auntie Beeb

Over the last few years, the team behind the much loved BBC iPlayer mobile app have been working towards optimising their automation strategy. Senior Developer in Test, Jitesh Gosai was brought onto the team to determine how to automate more to increase the speed of release, while maintaining confidence in the stability and quality of the end product. The iPlayer team have been working towards collaborating to create feature files, instilling continuity into their test scripts, getting developers to write test scripts to promote responsibility and accountability and managing their large suite of manual regression tests.  Jitesh will be talking TestExpo attendees through iPlayers’ interesting journey into effective mobile automation, explaining how to capitalise on the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls.

OpenBet – One Ring to Rule Them All

We know a lot of people are particularly looking forward to OpenBet’s talk by Test and QA Manager Sakis Ladopoulos, not least because he has tantalisingly billed it as “the story of a test team from J. R. R. Tolkien’s world, lost in disrupted processes…on a journey to finding their Middle Earth in DevOps”! Sakis will fill us in on how OpenBet found Disciplined Agile Delivery, formed its own proprietary structure and utilised the skills of a dynamic test team, to achieve a more DevOps way of working and support different delivery methodologies.

Applause? Standing Ovation!

Andrew Green UK and Ireland Manager at software and application quality company Applause will explain the importance of User Point of View Testing when you want to create an impressive Customer Experience (CX) that sets you apart from the competition. Is traditional testing slowing down your app delivery? Have you tried quick fix solutions that have resulted in an app that gives a poor user experience? If so, this talk will furnish you with new ideas and live examples of how you can listen to your users to create a test strategy that produces an app and a digital CX that they will really love.

Perfecto’s Perfect Test Strategy

It can be a real challenge to build a successful test strategy that remains relevant as the market shifts. Perfecto’s Jose Talavera, a Technical Engineer, will be telling TestExpo the secrets to his innovative test coverage strategy and giving us a demonstration of a unique free online tool that helps ensure that you are testing on the most relevant devices and OS versions. Delegates will discover how to:

  • Create a successful mobile test coverage strategy
  • Use a mobile market calendar for ongoing test planning
  • Test real life user conditions
  • Cerate a mobile test lab that meets all your testing requirements
  • Use Perfecto’s practical guides to continuously improve mobile and web testing and the Holy Grail are using Framework as a Service (FaaS) to achieve the Holy Grail that most brands are seeking – Continuous Delivery. Test automation architect Sven van Laar will be talking to us about how the Expedia owned brand has created a framework that supports multiple programming languages, is in lock step with all other teams and handles around 1000 variants (A/B tests) that are currently live on the website. Sven will be divulging the approach that is helping achieve their goals of minimising their test and development efforts while increasing the overall quality of their products and services.

Blessing or Pain; Predator or Prey?

In the interests of keeping some surprises for you on the day we won’t go into all the talks in detail now, but we will say that we are delighted that Mike Shaw, Director of Strategic Marketing for our partners Hewlett-Packard, will be giving what promises to be a fascinating talk on The Digital Transformation Factory. Parkeon’s Laurent Py and Raphaël Citeau will also be sharing the key learnings of a huge development project they oversaw to deliver a ticketing system using business driven development (BDD). Dan Cuellar from the brilliant FOODit will be delighting the TestExpo audience with a host of stories that show how Appium triggered a revolution towards open source in the automated mobile testing space. We will also be learning about Business Agility with Enterprise DevOps from Archie Roboostoff from Micro Focus and George Wilson, Senior VP of Operations and Sales at Original Software will be discussing whether User Acceptance Testing is a blessing or a pain. Amidst all of these wonderful guest speakers our very own Andreas Sjostrom, VP and Global Head of Digital will be asking us “Does your testing capability make you predator or prey?”

In addition to these insightful talks by these well known experts, you will all get to join in the debate at TestExpo in roundtable sessions, keynote Q&As and director level panel discussions as well as chatting to your peers to share experiences and ideas as you look around the show.

To get your tickets to what promises to be one of the most exciting TestExpos yet, click here.

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