Andrew is Manager of the UK & Ireland Team with a background in IT sales and crowdsourcing. In his role at Applause, he works with prospects to overcome critical QA challenges using Applause’s In-The-Wild testing model. In addition, he is an active researcher in the field and has spoken at a number of events on the subject. Andrew is based in Germany and holds a Masters in Enterprise from the University of Leeds.

Today, simply providing a good app, web or mobile web experience is often insufficient. In today’s digital economy, your users expect a great experience no matter where the engagement occurs – the first time and every time. Because in today’s digital economy, where online presence is the gateway to brands and switching costs are lower than ever, users determine quality. So how do we ensure quality? Traditional approaches to testing alone can slow down the pace, but quick fix solutions are almost always subpar. The result is often an app or website that lags behind the business cycle or drives users away with a poor experience.

The solution? Listen to your users. They are giving you signals that you need to launch the great digital experiences they will love. Andrew Green, Manager of the UK & Ireland Team at Applause, will share real-world examples of how understanding user POV has helped brands of all size end internal arguments about quality and deploy testing approaches that launch great apps and websites users love.