With more than seventeen years of experience in the enterprise software industry, Archie is currently the Software, Delivery & Testing (formerly Borland) solutions portfolio director, responsible for the direction and strategy of testing and quality products within Micro Focus. Previously, Roboostoff was responsible for the terminal emulation products at Micro Focus. Before being acquired by Micro Focus, Archie was responsible for product management at NetManage Inc.

This informative session will look at two customer case studies. They outline how very different customers were able to execute and embrace DevOps practices by implementing automation across quality and release activities to enable continuous integration and delivery.

It will also highlight some best practices around:

· Collaborating more effectively with business teams
· Delivering real-time product status visibility to all stakeholders
· Distributed and mainframe iterative and agile development options
· Automated quality across any platform and device combination
· Continuous integration and delivery with release and deployment automation