An all-round Testing, Test automation, Test Management, BDD / Specification by Example and Agile professional with strong communication and analytical skills. Passionate about delivering customer value, sharing knowledge , team collaboration and software testing.

Specialized in : functional software testing, test automation, test strategy, test management and loves to work with Agile / Scrum, xDD (TDD, BDD , ATDD) , Continuous Delivery and Specification by Example.

More companies are moving towards a Continuous Delivery delivery model. At we have our own challenges achieving this. Especially around testing. Who is responsible for End 2 End testing and how do we keep our frameworks aligned with all the teams (distributed teams: UK, Hungary, Italy) delivering code independently?

FaaS (Framework as a Service) is our answer. It allows us to create a framework that supports multiple programming languages, is in lock step with all other teams and handles around 1000 variants (A/B tests) currently live on the website. By lowering maintenance and implementation of new functionality, also letting other teams (Ops, Security) piggy back on that framework, we want to minimize our efforts and increase quality.

Sven will talk about how they are achieving this.