Thomas Ripoche brings over 10 years of Corporate Sales experience in international environments. Through his career he has a vast experience in dealing with complex projects, key accounts development and corporate sales. Thomas is committed to bring value and satisfaction to customers. He started his career at Nestle, and then served at HP and Regus prior to joining Neotys in 2008. Since then one of his main responsibilities is to enable the implementation of modern load testing practices using NeoLoad for organizations to gain a competitive advantage by increasing efficiency and shortening their load testing cycles. Thomas graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Griffith University (Australia) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) and an MBA from Griffith University and ESC Grenoble (France).

How to Achieve Continuous and Automated Performance Testing in Your Agile and DevOps Environment
In this talk, we demonstrate in a live demo how performance tests can be efficiently integrated into DevOps environments.
We’ll show you how to incorporate performance testing into your Continuous Integration tool chain so you can test at every stage of the development process – from automated API and component testing to system-wide application testing.
You will also see from a case study how a NeoLoad customer has implemented this.

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